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Prime Technology is a precision measurement company in the areas of pressure, temperature and time. Serving the military, nuclear, and commercial market, Prime has solidified itself as an industry leader by leveraging its expertise in custom engineering and manufacturing. These capabilities, coupled with the company's six diverse divisions, allow Prime to reside at the cutting edge of technical innovation in its field.

Prime's mission is to design and manufacture instruments and electronic systems through innovative engineering in order to surpass its customer's needs and expectations.

Prime Technology Awarded Contract

Prime Technology LLC has been awarded a contract to develop a tank level indication system (TLI) based on guided wave radar and the adaption of the Prime Technology proprietary tank level measurement system model 9211.

The first application of this unique system is aboard the Ohio Class Submarines in the nuclear power plant section of the ship. The developed system will be designed to be used in other (surface/submarine) tank level measurement applications as well.

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