9219 RTD System


Temperature Measurement, Display, and Monitoring System.


The 9219 RTD is a temperature measuring system that utilizes two RTD Temperature Sensor inputs per channel. The 9219 is designed for use in a single, double, or triple channel application, in which each channel consists of two sensors.

The 9219 RTD design is based on modifications of the Model 9227 Smart Indicator Module. Each channel accepts two resistive temperature sensor inputs from a stowage area under observation. The system lead-length compensates the inputs and converts the RTD resistance into a temperature reading based on a proprietary curve fitting approach. The higher of the two temperatures is displayed on the digital readout and linear bar graph.


  • Fastest response military RTD technology available
  • MIL SPEC designed, tested, and qualified
  • Components based on proven fielded technology
  • Programmable alarms and display characteristics
  • Available in single and three channel configurations
  • Stored curve correction and calibration data (field programmable)
  • Analog and/or digital retransmission of processed data
  • Built In Test (BIT)
  • Three wire or four wire RTDs
  • Monitors two RTDs per channel; displays highest temperature

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