9211 Multi-Channel Smart Indicating System


The Model 9211 enables the system application of a series of Prime Technology Model 9212 Smart Receiver/Indicators. It is a modular design consisting of three main components, those are the Power Supply, the 9212 Receiver/Indicators and the Chassis that provides support to the system.


The 9211 series provides the user a platform to centrally mount and power a series of Model 9212 Smart Receiver/Indicators. Using the Model 9212 Smart Receiver/Indicators, the system can accept virtually any sensor input, provide local indication and retransmit the information, through an analog or digital communication port. Further, the sensor information can be processed through a user-programmed algorithm to account for non-linearity, offsets, discontinuity or any other non-normalized signals.

The user of the Model 9211 also has full use of the Model 9212 Smart Receiver/Indicator Cloning capability; the ability to transfer curve data from one meter to another without special tools or further processing power.

The Model 9211 is designed to be bulkhead mounted with the I/O connectors beneath the chassis while the indicators face the front of the chassis.  

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