9295 Collection, Holding and Transfer TLS


Model 9295 Collection, Holding, Transfer, Tank Level System. Uses Guided Wave Radar to measure Sanitary Tank Level.


Reliability of Collection, Holding and Transfer (CHT) tank level measurement has been a problem for many years resulting in high maintenance costs. This is directly attributed to the sensor technology currently being applied.

Prime Technology's solution to these problems is the Guided Wave Radar Tank Level Measurement System Model 9295.

  • No moving parts in the tank.
  • Teflon coated sensor surface for elimination of foreign matter adhesion.
  • The model 9211 indicator linearizes all user-supplied tank fill data to provide a clear, error-free and easily readable linear display. (Patent Number 5,751,611)
  • Stocking of spares is minimized due to our patented cloning feature. A programmed instrument can download all setting information to an unprogrammed spare unit. Interchangeability of display modules and power supplies anywhere aboard. (Patent Number 5,918,193)
  • System accuracy of 1%.

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