Prime Products
Prime Products represents cutting edge technologies in combination with proven manufacturing systems which have been developed by Prime’s ability to listen closely to customers and solve complex engineering problems. Many of Prime Products systems are currently in use with the military, including the submarine and surface Navy fleet, the Astute Class submarine fleet in the UK, and various other critical nuclear and industrial applications.

Prime Sensing
Prime Technology’s Sensing includes state of the art systems and standalone sensors, measuring oxygen and carbon dioxide, depth, pressure, and temperature.  All of Prime Sensing’s solutions are highly accurate and excel in harsh environments.  Industries served include the military, oceanographic and nuclear markets.

International Instruments
International Instruments is the world's leading manufacturer of edgewise panel meters. The company was originally founded to develop a series of analog instruments that realized the full potential of this flat, stackable, compact style of meter. Today II offers a complete edgewise series, a line of alarm/control devices and electronic display instruments, as well as a series of ruggedized and round miniature meters.

General Resistance
General Resistance is a manufacturer of an extensive and sophisticated line of RTD simulators, high accuracy thermocouple simulators, resistance decades and voltage/current sources. Instruments manufactured under II are of an accuracy that permits critical testing of production line equipment and others of even higher accuracy that calibrate the test instruments.

Shurite designs and manufactures rugged, cost-effective panel meters and systems for marine applications, battery powered vehicles, utility controls, automated manufacturing machinery and other commercial industries. Shurite’s industrial systems include custom devices for the monitoring of batteries in portable equipment and marine control products and alarms. 

Precision Timer
Precision manufactures solid state and electromechanical timers for a diverse array of industrial and commercial markets. Key products under this line include: solid state industrial control timing modules, electro/mechanical motor driven timers, industrial time delay relays, mechanical sequencer timers, electronic timers & precision timers. Precision is highly applications oriented, providing customers with an advanced technological approach to control problems.

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