Alarm/Control Models


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Alarm/Control units offer indicator and alarm performance as well as on/off control for virtually any input signal. The family of instruments is designed to answer the needs of the aerospace, military, process control and utility industries


General Features

  • Economical, solid state, contactless instrumentation
  • Accuracy: DC: 2%; AC: 3% (depends on model)
  • Compact edgewise design for high density data presentation.
  • Flush stacking. Side-by-side or top-to-bottom
  • Graphical display that is easier to take at a glance. Choice of horizontal or vertical presentation offers more meaningful presentation of right/left or high/low information
  • Designed for industrial, commercial, military and OEM applications.
  • Internal white or red illumination available on special order.
  • Interchangeable scales

Model-specific Features

Model No.



This “internally illuminated” meter eliminates the need for auxiliary visible alarm circuitry. The pointer of the Model 1139 is coupled to standard edgewise movement with an internal lighting mechanism. When the pointer falls within a predetermined measurement range, light passes through a color filter and illuminates the translucent scale.
Standard models provide color-coded sections the top and bottom 20% of the scale (red on top, green on bottom). Optional arrangements—available on special order—can cover any section of the scale , any color combination of red, yellow, green or white.



These versatile meters offer a wide choice of voltage and current-sensing ranges, as well as optional plug-in or built in output modifiers to change the mode of control. With a choice of slope or trigger output. International Instruments Control Meters are inherently adaptable to both smooth proportional and straight on-off control. The resulting line of indicating controllers is well qualified to answer the needs of the aerospace, manufacturing, process, and utility industries.
Model 2547 (slope output):Amplifier produces control signal with 4% slope, the required output for a wide range of proportional control applications.
Model 2548 (trigger output): Modified amplifier produces a clean full amplitude output signal precisely at set point with no slope.

General Specifications for Meters


Model Number




Accuracy (% of FS)




<----- in accordance with ANSI C39.1 ----->


<----- in accordance with ANSI C39.1 ----->

Response Time (sec. max.)

<---- 2.5 ---->

Dielectric Strength (VRMS 60Hz/1 min)

<---- 500 ---->

Overshoot (max)

<---- 50% ---->

Terminals (variations available)

Threaded studs (4-48)

Octal Plug

Scale length-inches (mm)

2.0 (50.8)

2.7 (68.6)

Zero Adjustment



Pointer (other colors available)

<---- Red Delta ---->

Weight (oz.)



Control Specifications

Power Requirements


Single arm 25mA min. Double arm 40mA min.



2500Ohm min load
6000Ohm max load

Dead band (Typ. % of F.S.)


<---- 1 ---->

Set point accuracy (% of F.S)


<---- 2 ---->



Mark 4600 Power Pack (115 V operation, relay output)

* For matching standard meter see product data bulletin 1.
** For matching standard Meter see product data bulletin 2.
(1) Specifications not listed above (eg shock , vibration, temperature) are typically in accordance with ANSI C39.1.
(2) Illumination availabe on selected models. Consult factory for details.

Ranges Available/Meter Resistance

Column headings are rages available; within each cell is the resistance in ohms of the individual meter

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