To operate input voltage is applied continuously. A normally open initiate switch closure causes the load contact to close, energizing the load. Timing will start when the initiate switch opens. At the end of the preset delay time period the load is turned OFF. A new cycle of operation can then be started via the initiate switch re-closure. Should the initiate switch be re-closed during the preset time delay period, timing will stop, but the load will remain energized. When the initiate switch is re-opened, the preset delay will re-triggered. When the delay time has reached time out, the load will be de-energized, and the timer is reset. This timer is commonly referred to as the "Cool Down Timer".

Control the timing of high power electric heaters, FHP motors, lamps, transformers and other high current loads rated less than 10 amps Resistive. CMOS digital circuitry is combined with high current output relay contacts. P/C board and internal components are encapsulated in a flame retardant molded housing, fitted with quick connect wiring terminals. Available in all standard voltages and frequencies. Fixed or adjustable timing from 0.1 seconds to 24 hours.

  • High Current Timing Relay
  • Cool Down Timer
  • Encapsulated Module
  • 10 Amp. Rating 1/3 HP
  • Solid State
  • CMOS Digital Circuitry
  • Environment Protected
  • Tamper Proof
  • No False Operate
  • Small Size - 2" x 3" x 1.35"
  • Lightweight - approximately 2.5 oz.
  • Rugged
  • Transient Protected to 6000V

Specifications :

Time Range (T)210 - 1000 min.
Voltage (DC)24 V
Repeat Accuracy± 0.25%
Reset Time150 ms
Operating Voltage Tolerance± 20 %
Dielectric Strength1500 VRMS
Min# Insulation Resistance100 MΩ
Operating Temperature-40 to +70 ºC
Storage Temperature-55 to +85 ºC
Relative Humidity (Operating)95 %
Linearity±5% Minimum from 10% to 90% of range
Timing Tolerance±9% + Tolerance of Rt Std., ±5% Special (Fixed)
Options (P)O - Customer Supplies Own Potentiometer or Resistor
A - Potentiometer Supplied as Loose Part
B - Externally Installed Resistor
C - Factory Fixed Internal
D - Trimmer Potentiometer Installed on Terminals
R - Internal Potentiometer with Thru Shaft
S - Internal Potentiometer with Screwdriver Slot

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