Synchronous Motor Driven
    When energized a Program Timer repeats continuously and synchronously, a pre-established sequencing of ON/OFF switching events. Also known as Cam or Multi-cam Timer, Cycle or Re-cycle Timer, or Repeat Cycle Timer. One "cycle" is one revolution of the output cam shaft. These may be wired for single revolution and stop operation. An external momentary pushbutton wired as shown on Homing will cause the camshaft to rotate 1 revolution only and come to an abrupt halt. During this cycle the cams perform the prescribed sequence of operations. This popular wiring is typified in cup dispensing coffee vending machinery.
  • Interchangeable Motors.
  • Interchangeable Gears.
  • KTD - 150 Dial Kit.
  • Factory Built Frame with Up To 20 Switches.
  • Time It Yourself or have us time it and you tweak it.
  • All switches are UL and CSA approved
  • UL rated 15 amperes nominal at 0.75 power factor.
  • Enclosed, snap-action, sub-basic size.
  • Form C - SPDT.
  • Specifications :

    No# of Poles (N)13
    Switch Type (SW)W2
    Cycle Time (T)
    Voltage (AC)230 V
    Frequency160 Hz
    Current15 A
    Power1/2 hp at 125/250 VAC
    Terminal0.250 Male Push-ON
    • Permanent magnet synchronous inductor type.
    • USA industrial standard pear-shaped configuration.
    • UL and CSA approved.
    • Enclosed construction.
    • Rated 3 watts @ 120/60 VAC.
    • Torque rating 30 inch-ounces at 1 RPM.
    • Stocked and standard at 120/60.
    • Also readily available or stocked for 24/60, 230/60, 24/50, 115/50, and 220/50.
    • These motors operate at a speed precisely synchronous with frequency of input power.
    • Special motors available on request, such as reversible, variable speed, extra fast, slow, hi-torque, direct current, etc.
    • Corrosion resistant.
    • Tough, reliable, long-lived
    • Reasonable life expectancy exceeding 10,000 hours.
    • Fast acceleration. Instant stop.
    • Our staff filters all incoming orders to ensure adequate motor torque.
    Life Expectancy
      The life of a switch is a function of the type, magnitude, and number of usages under an applied electrical load. At low electrical load 95% survival is expected at 10,000,000 operations, at full electrical load 95% survival is expected at 150,000 operations, subject to inrush considerations and type of load as to resistive, inductive, or capacitive. Particular attention should be given for high inrush applications such as heaters or lamps as might weld erode, or cavitate switch contacts. We will gladly assist customers in making a selection.

      Cams :

      Standard Cams

    • Molded nylon with approx. 180° cuts, 7/8" diameter.
    • Color coded black and white.

      Special Cams

    • Standard 7/8" diameter or jumbo 1 1/2" diameter.
    • multiple machined cuts - on special order.
        • Symmetrical
        • Asymmetrical

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