The LPT is a compact pneumatically operated time delayed pushbutton switch. It is conveniently mounted to a panel from the rear thru a 0.484 diameter hole, being secured with the hardware provided. The mode of operation matches that of a True OFF Delay in that no power is required to keep the time delay active after the pushbutton is released. The timer occupies a volume of less than 2.5 cubic inches. The timer will switch loads of 10 amps resistive at 120/240 VAC. The load switch has solder terminals for wiring. Standard timing is slotted screw adjustable from 2 seconds to 60 seconds.
  • 10 Amp. Rated SPDT - Double Break
  • Push Button Actuated

Specifications :

Load Current10 A Resistive at 120/240 VAC
Max# Operating Force8 oz [Imperial]
Max# Operating Force1227 g
Total Travel1/8 in [Imperial]
Time Range (T)2 sec. to 60 sec Standard ± 15%
Repeat Accuracy1± 10%
Mechanical Life Expectancy1000000 Operations
Operating Temperature-9 to +49 ºC
Operating Temperature115 to 120 ºF

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